Command & Control and Tactical Data Link integrated solution for the Romanian Naval Forces

SCYTALYS has been awarded a contract for the provision of Command & Control and Tactical Data Link integrated solution for the Romanian Naval Forces

SCYTALYS continuing its successful and dynamic expansion of its advanced technologies in the international marketplace has participated in an open tender initiated by C.N Romtehnica S.A and has been announced as the winner for the provision of a state-of-the-art integrated Command and Control system with Tactical Data Link capabilities (Link 11, upgradable to Link 16 and Link 22) to the Romanian Navy.

The provided integrated system will be installed in a surface unit of the Romanian Navy, providing it with essential Command & Control capabilities, as well as ensuring its integration in the current and future Data Link networks employed by the Navy. The system will initially connect to the Link 11 network, while at the same time will possess the required technology in order to be seamlessly upgraded and integrated in the future Data Link networks to be deployed by the Navy, namely Link 16 and Link 22.

The versatile and flexible solution is based on SCYTALYS’s ULS (Universal Link System) product which is a Multi Data Link Processor Gateway providing simultaneous connectivity between NATO (Link 16, JREAP, Link 22, Link 11A/B, ATDL-1, Link 1, IJMS, SIMPLE) as well as non-NATO National Data Links. The ULS is a proven solution, which thus far has been deployed in more than 12 countries around the world, in various configurations.

‘We greatly value this contract award from the Romanian Naval Forces, which we consider of strategic importance, as it enables Naval units to acquire Command & Control capabilities and Data Link connectivity to single and multiple Data Links in the future, thus paving the way for the Navy to achieve its Network Centric Operations. SCYTALYS is committed in delivering a turnkey solution that will fully satisfy the Romanian Navy’s requirements”, said Dimitris Karantzavelos, CEO of SCYTALYS.

SCYTALYS S.A. specializes in the design, development, integration, installation, testing, and follow-on support of Tactical Data Links and Interoperability solutions, Mission and Command & Control systems and Mission and ISR solutions.

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