Company Overview

Leader in Interoperability Solutions, Mission Systems and Net Centric Operations

SCYTALYS is a leading software development and system integration company, operating internationally with its main offices in Athens. The company counts more than 25 years of operation in the Defence and Security sectors, where it specializes in the specification, design, development, integration, installation, testing and follow-on support of:

Tactical Data Links and Interoperability Solutions

• Universal Data Link – Multi Data Link Gateway, incorporating NATO/U.S. Standard (Link1, Link 11, Link 16, JREAP, Link 22)
•  Λ Link (Lamda Link) providing a reliable, customizable solution to end user’s specific needs and effective solution for nations that cannot use the NATO standard Data Links, or are just looking for a supplementary solution for DL sovereignty
• MTPS – Multi-TDL Planning system

Mission and Command & Control Systems

• Mission Systems for multiple domains
• Air Defence Command & Control Systems

Surveillance solutions

• Maritime Surveillance – M2IMS Airborne designed for a wide spectrum of roles and platforms, such as MPAs and medium to light Surveillance platforms
• Maritime Surveillance – M2IMS Surface Patrol designed for a wide spectrum of roles and platforms, such as Fast Patrol vessels, SOF fast crafts, RIVs etc.
• Correlation Engine – R 1.0 supplementing any legacy Mission / C2 system with correlation capabilities from a wide range of sensors and Data Links
• UxV Systems providing Innovative solutions for rendering UAS systems in efficient network-centric hubs collecting and disseminating information through TDL and MANET solutions environment
• Portable Reconnaissance Image Screening System – PRISS providing connection, extraction and processing of imagery taken from a Reconnaissance pod

Exceling in providing customized solutions with a client-centric approach

With a client-centric mentality, at SCYTALYS we excels in providing customized solutions to our customers, adopting a holistic approach which includes:

• System Engineering (analysis, design, development, documentation)
• System Integration, Testing and Evaluation at all levels
• Customer Training tailored to customer’s needs
• Follow-on Maintenance and Support

In addition, we have a track record and experience in delivering Transfer of Technology, Know-how, as well as implementing solutions based on a collaborative co-Development effort with local competent entities, either being a member of the local industry or directly attached to the end user.

Innovative and Robust Product Portfolio arising from our project-driven system development expertise

As a result of its significant development experience, SCYTALYS has developed a set of Tactical Communications, Mission and Command & Control systems, as well as Surveillance Solutions. Our Products and Solutions portfolio plays a fundamental role in the rapid development of customer specific systems by allowing customization, integration and interoperability with other systems, involving minimal development effort, time and cost.

Continuously investing in our people, we maintain and nurture our Power of Expertise and Competitive advantage

Power of Expertise

• Highly skilled development teams, led by experienced and professional Systems, Software, Hardware and Test Engineers
• Extensive knowledge and expertise in the Technical and Operational requirements of complex and advanced defense and security applications
• Proven ability to translate its expertise into practical applications and deliver them on schedule, within budget and in strict accordance with specifications, to customers worldwide

Competitive Advantage

• Specialization in the customization of systems to specific end-user requirements, accompanied with a fast-track design and prototyping procedure, allowing it to respond to modification requests in a shorter time in comparison to industry standards
• Complete after sales support and maintenance solutions, helping the customer to make the right investment decisions
• Training and simulation for operators and maintenance engineers, technical assistance, technical documentation and manuals
• Wholly owned IP rights on all its software systems and applications, allowing easy transfer of technology (ToT), whenever required

Partner of Choice

SCYTALYS through its long track record history of engineering innovation, reliability, efficiency and quality of service has succeeded in becoming a preferred partner for a number of multinational companies and organizations in the Aerospace, Defense and Security sectors.
Through these relationships it has established long-term co-operations allowing the company to participate in the development of advanced systems for the international market.regin