Mission, Vision and Corporate Values

Embracing strongly our Mission, Vision and Corporate values, we strive to excel in the Defence and Security markets


Our Mission

SCYTALYS’ Mission is to design, develop and deliver innovative high quality operational and training solutions, enabling our customers to achieve Network-Centric Operations capabilities, by ensuring Interoperability, creating the Common Operational Picture, increasing their Situational Awareness and enabling effective Mission execution. We manage intricate challenges and provide innovative solutions to support our customers in executing Missions in a more efficient and effective manner, increasing the tempo of operations.

Our Vision 

Be a reference provider of Information Superiority, Sense Making / ISR and Decision Support products, systems, solutions and services to the international marketplace, supporting defence forces in improving their single, joint and coalition Missions’ operational performance.

Corporate Values

SCYTALYS is firmly dedicated to the following underlying values, dictated by worldwide operational and performance standards, which directly translate to specific management expectations:
• Providing innovative and high-quality products and services to our customer base, customized to their needs and expectations
• Ensuring and preserving highest level of business ethics, integrity and reliability in all our business actions and practices
• Engaging and continuously empowering a highly skilled personnel, with the objective to provide excellence in support of our customers’ objectives
• Guaranteeing highly competitive products and services in all our areas of expertise
Delivering our products and solutions according to specifications, within schedule and budget

Code of Conduct on Business Ethics

Our Code of Conduct on Business Ethics sets the standards for the way we conduct business ethically around the world and on how we must conduct ourselves when representing or acting on behalf of our Company. It details the high expectations we set for employees’ behavior, from our commitment to excellence right down to our zero-tolerance policy on corruption.  Since the company’s foundation, our business practices have been governed by integrity, honesty, fair dealing and full compliance with all international applicable laws practices.