MIMS Airborne

Modern Tactical Mission System designed to meet Maritime Operations requirements and enhance Maritime Domain Awareness

MIMS Airborne is a modern Tactical Mission System designed to improve Maritime Operational effectiveness by enhancing Situational Awareness while providing Net-Centric capabilities to a range or airborne platforms.

The system integrates and manages multiple on-board sensors (e.g. Radar, EO/IR, RWR/ESM/ELINT, Acoustic Processor – APS, AIS, ADS-B), Data Links, Weapon interfaces, Navigation systems and provides the operators with the Common Operational Picture. Takes advantage of most of the sensors’ capabilities through a user-friendly and flexible interface, reducing operators’ workload during missions.

Net-Centric capabilities allow the dissemination of the tactical information, by exploiting embedded ULS’s Multi Link capabilities.

Mission Planning, Post-Flight analysis and debriefing are provided through the Ground Support System which is an integral part of the overall system.

Your Mission success is ours

MIMS Airborne is designed for an extensive range of platforms (long-range MPA to surveillance planes) and supports Maritime Surveillance, Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW), Anti-surface Warfare (ASuW), Coast Guard missions, Border control, Fishery Control, Anti-Smuggling Patrol and surveillance of Exclusive Economic Zones.

In an increasingly high-paced and high-technology environment, fast access to reliable and accurate information regarding both own-unit status and a more widespread situational picture become crucial factors for mission success.

Information from available sensors and sub-systems (correlation, triangulation) is integrated through M2IMS to create the Common Operational Picture (COP). This information is made available in an effective and efficient way to the Tactical Coordinator (TACCO), Mission Commander (MC), other Mission System Operators and the Pilot (via the Pilot Display Unit), assisting them in their operational surveillance, identification and command and control tasks

Sensor Integration

MIMS Airborne software architecture has been designed to be sensor agnostic. As such, it can include a variety of sensors keeping the core software functionalities and features.


Key Features

  • Affordable
  • Scalable and modular architecture
  • Multiple console configuration
  • Variety of sensors to implement
  • Sensor agnostic
  • Modern algorithms
  • Roles assignment for the users
  • MIL-STD-2525c User customized symbology (APP-6, STANAG 4420 supported)
  • COTS Hardware
  • Messaging capabilities (ADatP-3, OTH-G)
  • Mission planning and debriefing station with playback capability
  • Variety of supported maps (S-57, Shape, CADRG, DTED etc)
  • 3-D visualization
  • Data and track Correlation
  • Tactical data links (including forwarding)
  • Ordnance management
  • Mission situational awareness to Cockpit and the Pilots