Seamlessly integrate remote forces in joint and coalition operations or jump-start your legacy assets with SA, C2 and TDL capabilities

Chameleon can be deployed as a stand-alone solution without the need of a Host (C2 / CMS / Mission System / BMS), due to its embedded Command & Control functionalities (Track management and Correlation, Threat Evaluation, ID/IFF Management etc.).

Chameleon’s configuration constitutes a complete turn-key solution, where according to the specific end-user’s requirements, the system will include the DLP Processor, Display, Communications (e.g. RF radios / antennas), Cryptos, as well as any additional required accessories.

Scytalys has already established cooperation with most of the well-known international suppliers in the areas of ICT and Communications providing state-of-the art products which can be readily used in implementing the system according to the requirements. Equally, end-user can propose alternative products to be integrated to form a customized solution.

Situational Awareness and C2 Capabilities

C2 Capabilities


Track Management

  • Tracks/Points/Lines/Areas database maintenance 
  • Track correlation and de-correlation function
  • Manual track injection
  • Track purging
  • TN Assignment

Local Picture creation

  • Radar interfaces:
      • ASTERIX Tracks and Strobes (Cat 01, Cat 34, Cat 48, Cat 62)
      • AIRCAT 500 Tracks

ID/IFF Info Management

  • Identity and IFF information difference detection and resolution
  • Data Conflicts (Auto, Operator, predefined conflict resolution rules)

Weapons Coordination & Management

  • Operator initiated commands
  • Incoming commands processing & forwarding 
  • Receipt Compliance (Operator or system responses)
  • Platform, Weapons and Engagement status

Aircraft Control

  • Air Control initiation, termination and Digital Handover procedures
  • Mission Assignments, Vector and Flight Path procedures
  • Target Sorting procedures

Threat Evaluation

  • Continuous Threat Evaluation function against own unit or Defended Assets 
  • Threat Warning information

Electronic Warfare (EW)

  • EW products and parametric data exchange
  • Support to EW Coordination and Control procedures

Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW)

  • Subsurface surveillance picture (subsurface tracks, ASW points, lines, areas, acoustic bearing/range, sonobuoy patterns and amplifying info, datums, associations)
  • ASW Coordination and Engagement procedures

Image Handling 

  • Image Exchange via Link 16 (J16.0)

Tactical Situation Display

  • Display Maps supports Shape, VPF, GEOTIFF, DTED formats
  • Military Symbol Sets  (APP-6, custom)
  • Display filters
  • Tactical areas and positions
  • Tactical aids

Operator Alerts & Warnings

  • Threats
  • Surveillance Picture Alerts
  • Conflict Alerts

Web Interface

  • System and Data Link Configuration & Control
  • Remote Operation

Manned/Unmanned Operation

  • Configure & Control Operation

Configurations and Applications