MIMS Naval

Modern Tactical Mission System designed to meet Maritime Operations requirements and enhance Maritime Domain Awareness

MIMS Naval is designed with a modular and scalable architecture for an extensive range of sea platforms and supports Maritime Surveillance, Coast Guard missions, Border control, Fishery Control, Anti-Smuggling Patrol and surveillance of Exclusive Economic Zones, as well as Special Operations.

Information from available sensors and sub-systems (correlation, triangulation) is integrated through MIMS Naval and is made available in an effective and efficient way to the crew assisting them in their navigation, operational surveillance, identification and command and control tasks.

Exclusively for Special Operations Crafts the system integrates Data links and advanced Software Defined radios to create a Common Operational Picture (COP) far beyond platform’s own sensors.

Key Features

  •  Affordable
  •  Scalable and Modular architecture
  •  Support of a variety of missions
  •  Sensor agnostic
  •  Reduced workload for the users
  •  Integration of navigation data
  •  Common tactical picture
  •  Role access to the system
  •  Add-ons (Tactical data links, ESM, Stabilized Gun mount, advanced algorithms etc)