National Data Link Λ-Link

National Data Link implementation customized to end user’s needs, for non-NATO countries or ensuring National TDL sovereignty

Scytalys designed and developed its Λ-Link (Lamda Link) product with the primary objective to attend to the emerging and growing needs of nations that either are not part of the NATO alliance / PfP or have decided to develop their own National Data Link ensuring their sovereignty in this field, while maintaining the use of their existing standard Data Links. In this direction, ULS – Λ-Link offers the Armed Forces of these nations with a versatile, reliable, efficient, affordable and proven solution that fulfils the following needs:

  • Generate and disseminate the Common Operational Picture (COP), thus improving Situational Awareness (SA) throughout the Command chain
  • Provide the backbone for inter and intra service exchange of tactical information within the Armed Forces environment, resolving interoperability issues
  • Integrate all units/platforms into a common tactical network with appropriate information forwarding and/or relay by incorporating multi-link capable gateways
  • Increase the tempo of operations
  • Provide an operational and integrated tactical operations network, allowing Command and Control information flow amongst network participant
  • Provide the flexibility to easily expand the network by integrating National TDL-capable units/platforms
  • Ability to customize the NDL protocol, messages and data elements, as the operational requirements evolve in time, thus ensuring sustainability and growth. This is achieved through the provision of state-of-the art tools and applications
  •  Enable Network-centric operations

State-of-the-art NDL based on best-of-breed and proven Data Links protocols, agnostic to RF communications

Λ-Link is a DLP based on the latest state-of-the-art Standard Data Link protocols and takes advantage of a cumulative experience of more than 40 years of Data Links operational history.

Features and Capabilities

  • Data elements definition are similar to STANAG
  • Designed to be agnostic of RF communication media, providing end user the freedom to select preferred brand, waveform and crypto
  • Designed to concurrently operate with various RF bands, including HF, UHF/VHF, Satcom
  • Supports the following functional areas:
    • Surveillance (Air, Surface, Subsurface, ASW, Land, Space and Electronic)
    • Electronic Warfare and Intelligence
    • Weapons Coordination and Management
    • Mission Management
    • Aircraft Control
    • Information Management
    • Image Transfer

Customize your NDL protocol, messages and data elements through powerful and efficient tools, ensuring sustainability

Features and Capabilities

  • Λ-Link provides the following message level functionalities:
    • Machine Receipt
    • Receipt/Compliance
    • Data Prioritization
    • Data Maturity
    • Low and High Track Reporting Rate
  • Design tools allowing the efficient modifications of the protocol, message and data elements