PRISS – Portable Recconnaissance Image Screening System

Quickly and effectively connect, extract, view, parse and disseminate imagery obtained from a reconnaissance pod

PRISS is an effective solution providing the capability to quickly connect, extract, view and parse imagery taken from a reconnaissance pod via post-sortie download of the Removable Memory Module (RMM), thus allowing the frontline user to validate the reconnaissance sortie, immediately following the aircraft’s landing.

In the event further processing is required, it provides the ability to export and disseminate selected imagery to an exploitation center located either on site or remotely.

PRISS has been deployed in remote airports with the objective of performing an initial quick screening and validation of the imagery obtained from the reconnaissance pod. Benefits of such a capability are found in faster Battle Damage Assessment, Target Acquisition and Identification.

PRISS is designed as a two-man transportable system, autonomously powered, so as to make it easy to reach the landed aircraft on site.

  • Provide power and data connections to a storage media
  •  Fast transfer of mission data from storage media to the PRISS Workstation
  •  Parse STANAG-7023 data files and extract EO/IR imagery and data related to the sortie
  • View EO/IR images along with associated metadata in man readable format
  • Manipulate images (zoom, pan, rotate, mirror, adjust brightness/contrast, and print)
  •  Store parsed STANAG-7023 data files in standard format (imagery in JPEG format, metadata in ASCII format)
  •  Disseminate selected imagery data and their metadata in a STANAG-7023 compliant data file to a higher echelon for further exploitation
  •  Prepare storage media for the next mission
  •  Assist manufacturers of reconnaissance sensors to debug their applications
  • Support user multitasking operations
  • Lightweight, robust and ruggedized
  • Two-man transportable for quick and easy access
  • Available in Windows and Linux x64 or x32 platforms