Tactical Data Links & Interoperability Solutions

Changing threats in a modern and technology intensive warfare environment dictate the growing need to conduct joint operations

SCYTALYS’ Tactical Data Links and Interoperability solutions enable and ensure the generation of the Common Operational Picture, improvement of Situational Awareness and Domain Superiority, through secure, reliable and accurate exchange of information between all participants, thus paving the way towards the realization of Armed Forces’ Network Centric Operational environment. Joint operations require the establishment of an Interoperable environment, spanning across all Services providing Commanders and Operational staff with the following capabilities:

• Synthesize, generate and disseminate the Joined Common Operational Picture (JCOP), which requires fusion of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and raw data at various stages

• Command and Control of Operational Commands and assets in order to effectively plan, execute, monitor and assess Joint Forces Operations

• Conduct Network-Centric operations through a standardized, secure, reliable and effective interoperable network infrastructure

Network Centric Operations depicts the necessity to use information exchange and networking enhancing the common Situational Awareness

NCO refers to the translation of information superiority into combat power by effectively linking/networking the War-fighters to Sensors, Decision Makers and Shooters. Based on this concept, a Network-Enabled Force can achieve:

• Shared Awareness across the entire command chain
• Increased Speed of Command
• Higher Tempo of Operations
• Improved end-to-end performance from sensor-to-effector guidance
• Greater Lethality
• Increased Survivability