Universal Link System - (ULS) Data Link Processors

Universal Link System is a Data Link suite satisfying modern Armed Forces’ growing needs for a Network-Centric enabled environment

Universal Link System’s state-of-the-art capabilities, features and technology have been gradually developed over the years and have benefited from the gained accumulated experience from TDL and Interoperability solutions deployments in some of the most demanding end users, currently in more than 12 countries worldwide (International Presence page). The ULS Suite of products includes the following:

  • modular ULS Multi Data Link Processor including NATO as well non-NATO and customized National Tactical Data Link capabilities
  • ULS Applications targeted at supporting the full Data Link operations life-cycle, as follows:
    • Network Planning
    • Network Design
    • Network Operation and Monitoring
    • Operation Debriefing
    • Training

Reliable and Proven Multi Data Link DLP – a building block in the center of Network Centric Operations

ULS – Multi Data Link Engine

The ULS is a scalable and versatile Multi-Tactical Data Link Processor which provides the following:

  •  Simultaneous connectivity among standard NATO and non-NATO Tactical Data Links including Link 16, JREAP, Link 22, Link 11A/B, ATDL-1, Link 1, National / Customized
  • Extended Multi Tactical Data Link forwarding and routing among the aforementioned managed TDLs
  • Seamless integration to legacy C2 / CMS / Mission System / BMS system through a Data Link agnostic interface (TCP/IP-based solution), supported by a fully documented ICD and the relevant API (available on request)
  • Can be operated as a Stand-alone system with embedded C2 and Weapon systems functions and a state-of-the art Tactical Console connected to the DLP
  • State-of-the-art software hosted by COTS equipment, respecting the standards and demanding requirements of Airborne, Naval and Land forces configurations
  • Modular, scalable design with an open architecture ensures upgradability and expandability, fulfilling end users’ evolving requirements
  • SCYTALYS has successfully deployed a considerable number of ULS DLP’s (150+) in a variety of configurations, in use by Armed Forces
    in many countries worldwide, involving Mono-Link (Standard and National), Multi-Link (Standard and National), Stand-alone and integrated with C2 / CMS / Mission Systems / BMS legacy


ULS DLP provides improved Situational Awareness, effective C2 capabilities in today’s demanding NCO environment

ULS – Multi Link DLP Engine

Routing and forwarding takes place in the DLP’s Data fusion and Forwarding layer, supported by a Data Link agnostic Data Model layer.

Its modular and scalable architecture allows for the seamless integration of new TDLs (new Message Catalogue) through the development of the corresponding Link Handler. The same concept applies for the addition of new Communication Interfaces (I/O) through the addition of the appropriate Link driver. All this is achieved through the DLP’s Communication Interface sub-system layer.

ULS can be deployed in both C2 as well as non-C2 assets by providing the appropriate configuration as well as functionalities dictated by their corresponding Concept of Operations.



Supported Links

Link 16

(STANAG 5516 – MIL-STD6016 equiv.)

Link 22

Link 22 (STANAG 5522)

Link 11

STANAG 5511 – MIL-STD-6011 equiv.


STANAG 5518 – MIL-STD-3011

STANAG 5518 – MIL-STD-3011

For Missile Battery Interface, such as Link 11B, ATDL-1, UDL, Link 1 (NATO CRC)


National Data Link (NDL customizable to satisfy specific end user requirements)



Data Link Message processing (Build and Interpret)

Transmit Rules

Interface to Communications and LAN/WAN equipment

Data Link Network Monitoring and Control

Tactical Functions, including: Correlation, Reporting, Responsibility, Registration, Filtering, Track Number Management, ID/IFF Management and more

Integrated to Multiple Hosts

ULS can be connected to one or multiple Hosts (C2 / CMS / Mission System / BMS) through a Data Link agnostic ICD and the corresponding API. Such tools and documentation significantly facilitate the initial integration, as well as upgrades and maintenance requirements over time, thus reducing costs and risk.

Scytalys has a large experience in successfully integrating ULS with a variety of external Host systems in Mono as well as Multi Data Link configurations, deployed in Armed Forces around the world. The C2-DLP Data Link agnostic interfacing technology that has been developed as a result of this experience ensures that the integration of ULS is achieved in an efficient and effective manner.

Deployment Configuration options

ULS can be provided in various configurations, using latest technology COTS equipment depending on operational, environmental and transportability requirements.