Designed and developed as an optimal Tactical solution to provide all-round Situational Awareness, operational support for a variety of Missions, empowering Special Operations and Dismounted soldiers in achieving Battlefield dominance.
Mims Ranger employs state-of-the-art mesh RF communication technologies to establish a robust, reliable and self-managing network environment, ensuring mission unity anytime, anywhere among the operating team members and beyond to remote commanding / higher echelon units.
It also Interfaces and integrates with SCYTALYS’ Command and Control and Data Link applications (e.g. MIMS C2, MIMS Naval, ULS) establishing interoperability for efficiently conducting Joint Operations

Compact, ruggedized, ergonomic, lightweight and low power consumption wearable unit encompassing display, computing and communication capabilities enabling the individual fighter to:
  • View the Common Tactical Picture
  • Exchange Mission data among the team and disseminate critical info to higher echelon C2 units
  • Plan and execute the mission
  • Utilize tactical aids critical to the mission’s success


  • Blue Force Tracking (BFT)
  • Mission planning
  • HALO / HAHO free-fall calculation and Navigation
  • Route planning and Navigation
  • Maritime Interdiction Operations plugin IAW to NATO ATP-71 procedures
  • MEDEVAC, CASEVAC Report creation
  • EMERGENCY message exchange (predefined or parameterized to / by the user)
  • Instant messaging (IM) among the users
  • Support of 3D maps
  • Cooperative targeting (target info dissemination to the participants)
  • Real time video transmission / reception
  • File transfer


Special Operations Teams will stay connected and be able to share critical information as assignments unfold. Leaders will make better decisions by providing them with better data, faster. Track everyone’s positions and movements through the GPS. Capture, distribute, and view full motion HD video to investigate, coordinate, and complete your mission. Special features to support HALO/HAHO Jump Execution/Navigation and Maritime Interdiction Operation. Mims also provides flexibility with Various Maps formats and coordinate systems in 2D and 3D.

Discover MIMS Ranger's Capabilities

Ranger Capabilities and Features

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New plugins and functionalities can be developed according to end user’s special operational requirements. Capability for future upgrades to adapt CONOPS evolution. Superior Customer support.

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Turn-key solution

Turn-key and battle-ready solution to modern warrior combining the software supremacy and the world’s best smart tactical radios

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Force Multiplier

An integrated solution to increase battle effectiveness and support Special Operations.

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Situation awareness

Increase situation awareness and decision making in the field.


  • Own position indication and visualization on the map
  • Exchange of Media messages (image/video) supported by text
  • Exchange of Tactical Objects (tracks, points, areas, polylines)
  • Display image and video
  • Tactical Aids: Line of Sight and distance measurement functionalities
  • Geofencing
  • Coordinates’ conversion (WGS84 MGRS, DMT, DMS, UTM)
  • Support of various map formats
  • Import map layers for specific missions’ requirements
  • Tactical Situation Display, with advanced Graphical User Interface
  • Highly integrated with C2 systems


  • Thorough utilization of MANET Radio Capabilities, Voice Data plus real time transmission of multiple video streams
  • Brings Tactical Datalinks at the forefront and across all the battlefield domains
  • Can run on any Android Device
  • Integration with MANET tactical radios
  • Integration with UAS solutions
  • Interoperability with a Wide variety of tactical Radios
  • Advanced networking Capabilities, Cursor on Target (CoT) Interoperability