SCYTALYS in P3-IOSC Conference

SCYTALYS successfully participated for the fifth year in a row at the P-3 Orion annual International Operators Support Council (IOSC) 2019 event, which took place in Atlanta between October 14 – 17.

SCYTALYS’s team showcased its latest developments on its Maritime Mission System (M2IMS), which will form the state-of-the art Mission System for the Hellenic’s Navy upgrade of its P3-Orion MPA fleet.

M²IMS-Air is a modern Tactical Mission System designed to improve Maritime Operational effectiveness by enhancing Situational Awareness while providing Net-Centric capabilities to a range or airborne platforms.

The system integrates and manages multiple on-board sensors (e.g. Radar, EO/IR, RWR/ESM/ELINT, Acoustic Processor – APS, AIS, ADS-B), Data Links, Weapon interfaces, Navigation systems and provides the operators with the Common Operational Picture. Takes advantage of most of the sensors’ capabilities through a user-friendly and flexible interface, reducing operators’ workload during missions.